Let Him change your color

Let Him change your color

I learned from the chameleon. He looks red when he gets close to a red car but when a green car passes, the chameleon change the color to green.

I don’t know what you’re going through but your situation has a certain color. You may be busy trying to change your color but you are limited because you cannot control circumstances.


I learned that the best way to get the best color in life is to invite God in whatever we are going through. If you worship Him and put your trust in Him, He will come and your situation will be forced to adopt His color because wherever God is, He influences all the systems and His color becomes the color of the situation.

No matter how worse can be your color, all you need is to seek God’s face in prayer and worship and let His presence change your color to His color for what is impossible with men is possible with God. When Moses spent time with God on the Mount Sinai, his face was radiant and no one could look at him (Exodus 34:29-35). If you allow God to be involved in your situation, demons will not be able to look at you because of His presence.


Chris Ndikumana



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