His name is " I AM "
                          Exodus 3:13-14

Dear brothers and sisters,

This site has been created in conjunction with our radio broadcasts that are available every Wednesday on Radio Ivyizigiro (Mhz 90.9 / Mhz104.8). The radio can be followed live on www.woi-ivyizigiro.org at 7:00 pm (Burundi) / 5:00 pm (GMT). Through this site we want our listeners to have access to additional teaching resources- audio as well as manuscript.


Bonjour frères et sœurs,

Ce site est crée suite à l’émission-radio qui passe tous les mercredis sur la radio Ivyizigiro (Mhz 90.9 / Mhz 104.8) à 18h55 afin de permettre aux auditeurs d’avoir accès à mes enseignements soit par des enseignements Audio ou des textes écrits.









Ikiganiro Ishimwe

Radio Ivyizigiro FM 90.9 - 104.8

Kuwa Gatatu Isaha imwe (19h)

Kuwa Gatanu Isaha Indwi n'igice (13h30)