Let us be thankful

Let us be thankful


Mr. John found a young hungry and poor boy in the street. He took him in his house and cleaned him, fed him and decided to accommodate him. He paid all his school fees until he got the college degree.

Right after the graduation, the young man was so excited and found an excellent job with a very good salary. At his new job they gave him a car and a very nice house. In the beginning, the young man gave thanks to John but after a while he realized that he got all he needed and he never went to visit John, not even a phone call.

Every time John tried to call the young man, he refused to take his call or told him that he was too busy to listen to him. John was so disappointed after all he had done for him.

Two years later, the young man was fired and sold out everything. He found himself in a serious financial crisis and the bank repossessed his house. He remembered that John was wealthy and called him to ask for his support. On the phone, John asked him two simple questions:

Question Number one: “Where were you during the two years you were rich?”

Question Number two: “How can you dare to ask me for a second support while you didn’t thank me for the first one?”


Comment: I invented this short story to illustrate how we behave before God when we are in need. We are prompt to ask for a second blessing while we don’t even give thanks for the first one. Most of the time we miss the second and the third blessing because we don’t remember and give thanks for the first one. Giving thanks to God for what He has already done is the key to additional blessings.

Before asking anything to God, stop for a while and start to recall all He has already done for you and confess it in your prayers with an attitude of gratitude and then present the next request. NEVER allow your mind to forget what the Lord has done for you. Keep your gratitude updated even when you are in abundance.

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Chris Ndikumana


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