Fear not

Fear not

If you really believe God is the controller of your life, tell me why you’re afraid in the middle of trouble? Fear is the enemy of Faith! The devil always uses fear to attack your faith. If you can overcome fear in your life, then your faith becomes stronger.

Don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow or in the future because God takes care of it. Don’t wonder what people would think about your situation because your situation is supposed to be the situation of Christ if He really lives in you (Gal 2:20). If you totally surrender your life into His hands, you’d challenge Him to be responsible of every detail of His life in you and if something terrible happens to you, it’s only because He allowed it to happen for a reason (if you’re connected to Him of course).

From that point, life will be enjoyable and less stressful. That is the rest of God preached in Hebrews 4. Everything should be covered by a prayerful life

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Chris Ndikumana


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