The life of blessing

The life of blessing

Everyone wants to have a better life without lacking anything. I have never seen anyone who does not want to be blessed unless he has a psychological problem. Everyone wants to be blessed but few think of blessing others. I realized that very few Christians have understood that the secret to be blessed is to bless others. Many believe that in blessing others they lose but it's a lie from the devil because the more you bless others, the more you are blessed. This is why Paul wrote to the Galatians who wanted to be blessed without blessing others by saying: " DO NOT BE DECEIVED, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap"(Galatians 6: 7)

When there is a teaching of sowing and harvest, many are touched and put the Word into action but more than 80% quickly give up because they are discouraged. They will tell you that they have tried but it did not work because instead of being blessed, nothing has changed and sometimes the situation gets worse.

It did not work for them because they have not been able to develop a life of blessing.

What is the life of blessing? It is when we give without hesitation and without speculation. To reach this level, you have to make a firm decision and do this exercise for a certain period without expecting anything in return because we cannot have a life of blessing if we do not have faith in what we do not see. God took me through a period of five years in business where I was only blessing others while things were not good for me. At a certain time, two of my employees asked me if I was not sowing in a dry land, but I told them that I will cease to bless the work of God and his people when I will have nothing to give.

In 2008 God gave me the order to close the business and serve Him full time. At first it was terrifying and inconceivable because I could not see how I would survive, but God told me in November 27, 2008 that He has taken into account all the seeds I sowed, and He would take care of me. I obeyed and now he takes care of me while I continue to bless others because it is through God's silence (when we do not see an immediate response) that we learn to develop the culture to bless God and his people.

Religion has taught us for a long time that giving only means to put something in the basket at church but later I understood through the Scriptures that a Christian who has a good spiritual health should not be limited to offerings in the church, but he must learn to bless others. Not only do we need to help the poor and true widows but we must also bless the people who are around us.

Here is how you can develop the culture of blessing others: Every morning you can make the decision to bless at least one person during the day. Blessing does not necessarily mean giving money but it is doing anything that meets a need of a brother or a sister. Sometimes a phone call or a text message can bless someone. At the end of the day, before sleeping, you should make sure that there is at least one person who thanked the Lord through your action or you did something that created a smile on a desperate face.

If you really want to be blessed wherever you go, learn to bless those around you without speculation and with time, when God will notice the life of blessing in you, He will send people to respond to your needs.

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Chris Ndikumana


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