Three words can save your day

Three words can save your day

“Thank you Lord” is the most powerful sentence in the entire universe. Those three words can change your life upside down as they changed mine. In the beginning I couldn’t understand why I should keep saying it all the time and all of the sudden I heard an inside voice asking me why I keep breathing all the time?

Here is the secret ignored from the majority of human being: God’s heart and ears are AFTER those three words. If you keep thanking Him, He will keep visiting you. On the other hand, if you keep complaining and murmuring, not only you will push back God’s presence but you will be inviting the devil to visit you. The key is on our mouth and it should be our lifestyle (Ephesians 5:20). Don’t just say it in prayer time but say it in your daily life. If you want to build God’s house in your life, learn how to develop an attitude of gratitude and He will always be involved in your daily life (Psalms 22:3).

Here is my advice: Make the sentence (Thank you Lord) your first words out of your mouth every morning and do it (laying on your bed) before your foot touches the floor. Some people did it and it changed their lives. Since I breathe every second, I wish I could say “Thank you Lord” every second…. My goal is to say those three words as much as possible during the day. Say it even when going through hard times (1 Thessalonians 5:17) because when God visits you, He will definitely deliver you. One day ten lepers asked Jesus to heal them and He asked them to go and show themselves to the priests. As they went, they were all healed. They were all happy and nine of the ten have continued their way but one of the ten, a Samaritan, has taken a great decision to go back and thank Jesus. Here is Jesus’ reaction: "Were there not ten cleansed? But WHERE ARE the nine? "(Luke 17: 17).

God does good things for you every minute even if you do not notice. The fact that you are reading this message is a sign that God has blessed you with eyes that see. Can you try to forget your problems and thank him at least for eyes that see? Otherwise He will say: "Where is he? / Where is she? " A quick question for you: How many times do you say “Thank you Lord” during the day? (I share these teachings on Whatsapp every day. If you want to receive them on your phone, write to me and give me your name and phone number. I have four groups in three different languages: English only, French only and French-Kirundi. Choose your favorite group)

Chris Ndikumana


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