We all need a GPS from heaven

We all need a GPS from heaven (Part I)


In big cities of developed countries, it is now impossible to get lost because of the GPS invention if you have the destination address.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite positioning system to guide drivers to their destination. You just have to listen to the voice that comes out of the machine and follow the instructions. I noticed that the GPS does not give you the details as soon as you start the car but it is as if he wants you to trust it and follow its instructions step by step. Sometimes the driver is distracted or does the opposite direction but the GPS does not let him go and reacts immediately. This often happens on highways when you miss an exit and you will hear the GPS saying: "Turn around, make a U-turn and go back on track." If you do not obey his voice, you will easily get lost.


Today I will not talk about the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite but I'll talk about the GPS (God positioning system) from heaven.
In this teaching, we will understand that God has prepared for his children a GPS to guide them to a specific destination. Unfortunately many of God's children are not aware of this GPS. Does the Bible talk about it? Definitely! In Romans 8: 14 it is written, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God". In other words, the Holy Ghost is our Heavenly GPS. If we learn His language and follow His instructions, it is rare to be lost. Even when we are lost, He will ask us to turn around and go back on track.

We all want to spend time talking to God in our prayers, but what God says is more important than what we say. It's good to talk to God but it's better to pay attention to what He says. Most people do not speak because they are not able to hear. Often when we do not hear well, we cannot speak well.

Here I do not mean the physical ears but spiritual ears because God speaks to us every minute and His broadcast is unlimited. As I write this teaching, I am sure the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is actually broadcasting but if I do not turn on my radio, I remain completely unaware of what is being broadcasting right now. If I do not hear the voice of God, it does not mean that He is not speaking. The problem is not on God’s side, but it is me who cannot discern His voice.
Although I said that the Holy Ghost is our Heavenly GPS, this does not mean that God guides us only through our spirit because He also speaks through circumstances but the interpretation will always be from our spirit and our soul.


In the second part of this teaching, I will show you the five categories of Christians regarding God’s GPS and each of us will be able locate his current category.


Chris Ndikumana


We all need a GPS from heaven (Part 2)


As I said in the first part, the GPS can help you to reach your destination if you follow its instructions.


Before understanding the importance of the GPS or the direction of the Holy Spirit, we must first know that God has a plan for his children. Here is what He says in Jeremiah 29: 11 " For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope"
God has already planned our future and He also sent his Spirit to guide us to a specific destination exactly like the GPS guides the driver. If the driver fails to follow the instructions of the GPS, he will lose his destination.

In concluding the first part, I mentioned five categories of Christians concerning the GPS of God and that each of us should be able to find his own category for the moment.


The first category is for the Christians who are completely unaware of the GPS of God. They believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit but do not know that He speaks and can guide us to the divine plan.

The second category is for the Christians who hear the voice of the Holy Spirit but do not understand His language. They know that He speaks and hear Him but fail to discern his message.

The third category is for the Christians who understand the message of the Holy Spirit but disobey. To hear and understand the voice of the Holy Spirit is one thing, to obey is another thing.

The fourth category is for the Christians who continue to speak to God without trying to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Their voice dominates the voice the Holy Spirit.


The fifth category is for the Christians who are sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, who listen and follow His instructions.

What is your category for the moment? My wish is that one day we will all be in the fifth category. If you are in the first category, this teaching concerns you more than anyone. However, if you are in the second category, I advise you to approach a servant of God more mature than you for a private talk. I'm sure you'll discover many things. If you are in a country where you do not have access to this kind of talk, you can write to me in private.

In the third part, we will see how sometimes it can cost us a lot to follow the instructions of the GPS of God.


Chris Ndikumana


We all need a GPS from heaven (Part 3)


Today I finish this teaching by specifying that there is a clear difference between a car GPS and the GPS of God. The car GPS requires a complete address before starting the journey while the GPS of God gives you the details along the way.


I am someone who likes details and this has always been a big issue for me when it comes to obey the Holy Spirit because when God speaks, we are supposed to obey even when we do not understand. As I said in the second part, sometimes God leads us to a destination that we don’t want, and sometimes He does this to try and work on our faith.

Let's see how God guided Abraham: “Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you” (Gen 22: 2).

Abraham receives a message to go to the mountain to sacrifice (kill) his son Isaac with his own hands while previously God had promised to raise a great people through this same Isaac. God told him the name of the country but He has not even said the name of the mountain because there were many mountains in Moriah. If it was me, I would have had a long talk with God because of the confusion but it is amazing to see in the third verse (Gen 22: 3) how Abraham got up early in the morning, took his donkey with two servants with his son Isaac to walk for three days without any discussion.


The lesson is that if I want to follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit, I must be willing to go wherever He will tell me without questioning even if it does not please me. I have to give all He will tell me even what is precious to me. When God guides us on a path, it is not only to achieve a place or for any purpose but sometimes it is to work on our character and to strengthen our faith.

God said to Abraham the final destination after three days of walking, which is not the case with the car GPS as the final destination is known in advance, but with God, we must express our total confidence.
In the 10th verse (Genesis 22: 10), Abraham had his hand and the knife to kill his son, but the angel of God (GPS of God) told him to stop. God only wanted to test his heart and strengthen his faith. If we do not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, we can easily kill or miss our blessings.


My prayer for you who read all the three parts of this teaching is that God increases your sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit for you to live the spiritual and material blessings that God has planned for you before the creation of the earth.
If you understood the message, certain situations that were conceived as problems will be transformed into blessings for you and nothing will stop you to give thanks in all things.


God bless you


Chris Ndikumana


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