The power of partnership

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(Third part) 

Memory verse (1Sam18:1): " Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul ".

Only heaven can tell what would have happened to David if he had not met a man like Jonathan in his life. David and Jonathan were sensitive enough not to miss this divine connection. Of course you would say God knows. He knows but we also have a responsibility of being sensitive to see what kinds of right people he brings in our lives. So, many dear ones miss their moments of visitation for lack of spiritual sensitivity.                                                                                                                           

Jonathan sensed who David was and knew what was his place in the life and kingdom of David and he began to do what God brought him to do into the life of David. He loved David, he protected David, he gave the kingdom to David, and he served David with all his heart. In fact, David never got any other man like Jonathan all the days of his leadership. He was a true partner from God. One of the greatest treasures in my life are the men God sent into my life at certain bends and crosses of this life of ministry. I know all of them and they are so valuable to me and my ministry. Their impact on my life and ministry is so invaluable. They are more precious to me than gold and money.

God will bring men and women that are supposed to give your life and ministry value but it’s up to you how you handle them. Some have crucified their prophets, in fact others crucified their savior and when he died all of them said: “ Oh, surely this was the son of God ” but it was too late because they had killed him. Judas betrayed his own master. I have seen something strange with people: they seek sympathizers and not healers. We tend to like those who handle us the way we want, those who tell us what we want to hear and not what we need to hear. Sympathizers are good, but sympathy won’t heal your problem. It's amazing that the people who are very vital in our lives are not always the ones we are very comfortable with. God sends people into our lives for particular purposes. God does not send us fans but healers, motivators, teachers, challengers, transformers, door openers. Whenever God brings a person into your life, ask him in prayer: Lord what have you send this one to do in my life? Wrong ones ask God to take them out of their life and the right ones treasures them.

Tomorrow’s subject:  " It's profitable to let the wrong people go out of your life”


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