The power of partnership

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 (Sixth part) 

Memory verse (Prov13:20): " He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed ".

God will bring all kinds of people into your life to shape you, to refine your character, to build you up, to equip you, to guide you, to add value to your life, to correct and  direct you etc. Some of these come in packages that might be appealing to your tastes or to your eyes. Someone said that opportunities come into our lives silently but leave loudly. This calls for our sensitivity to know them. Now it's one thing to know the people God has brought into our lives but it's totally another thing how we treat them, how we respond to them and how we can tap into all that what God has put in their lives for us and we can maximize their presence with us.

Firstly we need to be sensitive in the spirit as we walk with them. We need to learn to listen. We must train our hearts to listen so we can receive from God through the people he ordained to speak into our lives. Secondly, we need to have a humble heart to receive any kind of person God can send into our lives. Naaman almost missed his miracle because of pride. He was expecting the prophet Elisha to come and pray for him but the prophet sent his servant. You don’t choose who God will send to impact your life, just be ready for whosoever God will choose. Be humble. Thirdly, follow the Holy Spirit. Our minds are so limited, so we can’t depend on them to know the kinds of people God will send into our lives. We need to depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Listen to him, trust him and obey his choices and leading. Your life and destiny depend on the men and women sent into our lives by the Lord.          

Respect the people God send into your life. We need to build a relationship with the people God send into our lives, we need to build it upon respectability and love not on fear or familiarity. Fear blocks spiritual respectability. Again, we should not familiarize the men God send into our lives. There’s an English proverbs that goes like this: “ familiarity breeds contempt ”. We are supposed to know people and not to familiarize them. Whatever you get familiar with, it becomes common and whatever becomes common becomes cheap. So many believers have made very important people sent into their lives so cheap and thus miss everything God intended for them through those dear vessels.

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