Secrets of sowing and reaping

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 (Fourth part) 

Memory verse: (ISIAIH 55:10) " For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, And do not return there,  But water the earth, And make it bring forth and bud, That it may give seed to the sower  And bread to the eater ”

If seeds were planted in desert sand, there would be no harvest for sure. Great farming is done where abundant rains are. Greatest populations from ancient civilization time were around riverbanks. All seeds depend on water for their productivity. This law works also in spiritual issues. Jesus said he chose us to bear fruit that would last (Jn15:16). The Life of Jesus became productive from the day the Holy Spirit came upon him. Then he began to heal the sick, preach the good news, and many great works. (Acts 10:38), put it this way, how GOD ANOINTED Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressed by the devil. The Apostles waited until the Holy Spirit came upon them and they began to do great things until they turned the world upside down (Acts17:6). Pharisees had the same word the apostles used but they lacked the anointing.

The word (Seed) cannot produce results until the preacher has been anointed. This anointing is the spiritual rain. Joel called it latter rain, Ezekiel saw it in vision as a river flowing from the sanctuary of God (Ezek47:1-12), Jesus cried out on the last of the great feast of tabernacles, that all those who are thirsty should come to him and drink (Jn7:37-39). We need the rain of God to fall upon us continually to activate the things God has put in our lives. We need anointing to encourage people, to comfort people, to preach the good news to people, to heal the sick; we need anointing to teach God’s word, we need anointing in giving. For all things God has put in our lives, to bring forth great fruit we need the anointing in our lives. We need to be planted under anointed ministries. We need to follow anointed leaders. Leaders without anointing of God are blind leader because it is the anointing that open the blind eyes (Lk4:18-19).

Anointed leadership and anointed ministries will activate the gifts, ministries, talents and callings in our lives. The anointed leadership of JESUS affected and impacted the life of his disciples. We all need effective equippers who will equip us to maximize our potential and fulfill our callings (Ephes.4:7-12). Find the right church, get planted in God’s house (Ps92:13), allow yourself to be equipped for greater productivity.

Tomorrow’s teaching: ‘ Soils affect the productivity of seeds’


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